There are days when you wake up with a feeling you won’t be able to make it, whatever you do isn’t enough, your scores aren’t meeting your expectations, you life seems miserable and you feel totally lost.

Give yourself permission to fail, so you try even harder to achieve your goals. Give yourself permission to fall for the wrong person and go through that heartbreak which will change your life and eventually you end up realising the worth of not so perfect right person. What the world doesn’t tell us is, its okay to be miserable, its okay to feel like an aimless person who haven’t figured out anything.

I have been such a person at some point of my life, and I won’t lie, even today some of my days are even worse that how I have tried to describe my state of mind.

But I reflect back and see the bad moments makes you value the good days even more. You are filled with gratitude because you know how is it to be in that state. Give yourself all the hope you would want to give to any another person in such a state, give yourself the small joys of dancing on earphone, the joy of cooking your favorite meal or sneaking that extra scoop of chocolate icecream.


Dress for yourself on that friday night, and wear that boldest lipshade and get yourself a glass of wine. You don’t need a company, just be by yourself, immerse in that music and enjoy that feeling of relaxation. Give yourself that confidence, you can do it, you have made it so far all by yourself, you have it in you, give yourself the permission to make mistake to find a new way to make things better than ever.

Most importantly, don’t close yourself to love. Love regardless of those heartbreaks, regardless of your vulnerable and emotional level, do not hold back. Think of possibilities of what could happen than what can go wrong. But this time, take your time, do not rush, be yourself, be your own version of quirky and ever happy person.


Remember, your happiness doesn’t depend on someone’s presence in your life. Give yourself permission to experience things that makes us human, the permission to speak too much to care too much, to love too much, to fall harder to get up back again like a not a survivor but like a warrior.


Love yourself as you are, irrespective of those I-CAN-NOT-SURVIVE days. You are made of all the weaknesses and all the goodness you have, of all the imperfections and experience you have had.