Known by the name of ‘Blue City’, famous of local cuisine of Rajasthan (Mirchi Bada, pyaz kachori) and textiles, Jodhpur is second largest city of Rajasthan. Quite famous for its location, its has appeared in a lot of Bollywood and Hollywood Movies.

On researching about the places to visit, Mehrangarh topped the list amongst couple of others touristy places mentioned like Umaid Bhavan, Jaswant thada, Mandore gardens and many more. But I chose to go with Mehrangarh fort. Also, Christopher’s Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises have been shot here, so you know why I wanted to go here.

View of the city, from the fort.

Located on the elevation of 400 feet approximately from the main city, with fortified walls around a huge area. With a huge courtyard on the entrance and a cenotaph, you’ll be amazed like me with how grand this would be from inside.

The option of audio guide comes handy with the entrance ticket. For foreign nations – INR 600 (with the audio guide). For Indian Nationals – INR 180 (with the audio guide), this will give you the access of entering inside the museum.

Built back in 1460, by Rao Jodha, who also founded the city, Mehrangarh fort is also called Sun-fort. On entering inside you’ll find a magnificent view of the museums from outside which looks really royal..

On one side while the beauty of the fort feed your eyes, on the other hand side, the soulful music played by local people makes you feel peaceful and exactly like how its shown in movies. Moving forward, the route will get steeper and steeper so do carry you water. I was trying to figure out which section of the fort appeared in which scene in the Batman movie :p


There are almost seven gates inside, such as Jaypol, Suryapol, Fatehpol each marks the victory of the ruler over the other clan (Jaipur, Bikaner and mughals), celebrated by imprinting palms with turmeric or red colour outside the gate.


Inside the fort there are several courtyards and palaces brilliantly crafted with minute detailing, the architecture in Rajasthan just amazes with how beautifully they have carved the details, making those knitty-gritty designs look even more pretty.


The museums inside displays the collection of palanquin, and the improvisations done, along with their beautiful paintings, musical instruments, furniture and costumes. There is a separate section in which exhibiting the huge cannons used in those times.

Palanquin chair


Inside there is a cafe as well, if you wanna enjoy the grandeur of the place and the royal authentic indian feel. There is a spice market as well inside. On coming outside you will find a small cute cafe named, Palki, quite good for lassi and pizza.


Visit the fort before sunset, enjoy roaming around with the help of audio guide, enjoy the view of the blue city from the top courtyard of the fort.