Tordi Palace, Tordigarh

2 hours drive way from Jaipur, this place is Rajasthan is somewhat like any other village you’ll come across in the state, but Tordi Palace in Tordigarh is something that you wouldn’t have expected at all.

The first time I visited this heritage property in Tordigarh was in November 2017 and then later in January 2018. Red and white walls with a vast courtyard, colourful lightings, terrace with beautiful arches. It’s a delight to overlook the village from the terrace.

The rooms are equally beautiful, low ceiling, spacious bedroom with colourful glass windows.

Not much staff in here but whatever the few are there, they are very helpful and speak good English as well. For lunch or dinner, give them a prior an hour notice if you are hungry.

Owned by Hemandra Singh, descendant of …….. He has done a great job in converting this palace into a homestay. The other wing of the palace is still occupied by the family.


Not much activities to do there, its a complete rest and relax property. You can take a jeep in the dessert and see the dam or maybe take an early morning hike to the 400 year old ruined fort, but totally worth it for Sunrise.

Places like these makes you want to dig in more into Offbeat travel and royal heritage stays.