Food is a very important element, not just as a part of daily life but also when we talk about travel. No matter how tempting the menu looks or that dish on that other table, we still want to play safe. As much as picky I am as a person, I still don’t mind exploring new food joints.

Pushkar, known as a hippie place by many people, the food is influenced by Israeli style and Indian dishes of course. You won’t find any meat or alcohol but yeah plenty of Marijuana openly sold (I am not supporting it in any way). But the vibe of the place and the endless options you get here, you won’t crave for either. I am not too fond of the city, Pushkar (I have a long list of favorite ones), but I absolutely feel like visiting Pushkar frequently because of my favorite cafes and my go to dishes. Yumm.

As I promised everyone to suggest you all the tried and tested place to eat in different cities without splurging a lot of money. Here are some.

 Cafe Natures Blessings 

This is a small cosy cafe off the market area, Near Zostel and Hotel Brahma Horizon. Just one or two people working. Opened pretty much all year round expect for April, May and June. You would want to visit here for these amazing these I have tried. See for yourself below.

Spout salad with feta cheese and eggplant

Strawberry Porridge