My Bali vacation left me with a lot of nostalgia, one of them was the food that I had there, be it the amazing coffee and the Indian cuisine over there or the healthy tasty food.

Every time I used to scroll through my Bali pictures, I craved for the smoothie bowl that I had in Nalu Bowls. So,I thought why not try re-creating something like that.

So one fine weekend I finally decided to make it.

Here’s how we went with the super quick recipe:

We got Black Grapes, Strawberries, Muesli, Pomegranate, Coconut milk, Honey.

We started by blending Black Grapes and Strawberries together with a little bit of honey for sweetness and coconut milk.

Then we poured the smoothie in a bowl and garnished it with fruits. Since we blended black grapes and strawberries for the smoothie base which already has a lot of water content in it, the smoothie was very liquid because of which the fruits that we used for garnishing were not sinking into the bottom.

But the smoothie was utterly delicious.

The second time when I tried making the same, we added banana and kiwi with black grapes, pomegranate and strawberries for smoothie with 1tbsp of cocoa powder, 1tbsp of vanilla essence, coconut milk and no honey. I’m glad we didn’t add honey as I wanted to enjoy the sweetness of the fruits as it is.



This time because of the bananas, the smoothie was thick. We added muesli, garnished it with kiwi, strawberries, and grapes. The smoothie not only looked good, it tasted way better than the last time.

I further experimented with adding Green Apple and papaya for the smoothie base and crumbled oreo, banana slices and more. 

I’m gonna try some more new ways of making healthy smoothie bowls and update it soon.

Till then, Happy Munching!