Trying to distract myself from the hustle bustle of the Varanasi city & Immersing myself more into the vibe, I came across this sign board while coming from Assi Ghat which said ‘Good Coffee’. Being a sucker for coffee, I blindly followed the sign which took me to this small little dingy lane and I wasn’t sure if I was going in the right direction, but the signs took me to this small little cafe, Open Hand.

Being a tour guide, whenever I have a free day and nothing else to do, I keep looking for some places in different cities, and I found my fix in Varanasi. I highly recommend this place for food.

I’ve been here so many times now, tried and tasted most of the things they offer in menu. Muesli with fruits, yogurt and honey is my favorite go to breakfast. Three bean salad, chickpea salad, Veg Roll, all is good here.

Christiaan Bosman, is the name and person behind this and a very humble person. With my interaction with him, I got to know the good cause he has been contributing to by employing the locals. One more branch of Open Hand is in Paharganj, Delhi which I am yet to explore. But I have loved all that I have tried over here.

Before leaving, I’ll announce the Honey Banana Muffin with Nutella for the best dessert award here. Enjoy.