One thing that I have learnt with all the travel I do, with the different types of people I meet everyday because of work, plus the long lasting friendship I have and the relationship that survived (Yes, you heard it right!) is that you shouldn’t long for others to love you, one must do that before anyone else does.

I remember when I used to be so cautious of other people’s perceptions about me, my body, my nature, my work and everything that I do.

It’s true that every action that you do is observed by certain people in your life and hence an image is formed but you need to think before getting affected by those thoughts, ‘Is that person or their opinion making any difference in your life or not’.

I figured out that it’s just one life that I have and that is already too short to be scared by the outcomes so I drowned all my inhibitions and discovered a new care free me.

But with these ever Evolving Perceptions of people with your ever evolving nature will take you to a point where your focus would be just ‘You’ and Yes, taking time out to take care of yourself in NOT SELFISH.

Know yourself, Free yourself, pause for a moment, take a deep breath, take your time to take on the world. Do things that makes you happy, buy yourself a gift, travel and meet new people, soak in the beauty of your surrounding and see things changing.

We don’t need to be like someone, we aren’t in competition with anyone, my aim is to enhance the person more than I was yesterday.

Shed all the restrictions of mind, learn something new, start executing your bucket list….