It’s not wrong when they say, ‘You are what you eat’. Whatever you eat this month is gonna reflect on your body in the next month, so watch what you eat.

Given what we are exposed to because of our social life and our routine of consuming junk and toxic, detoxification is important to create a balance.

We all need detoxification from the stressed life we lead and from the digital devices, that’s there but I am gonna specifically focus on the one needed by the body to get rid of chemicals.

Talking about Metabolic detoxification, by feeding the right nutrients, the body eliminates toxic elements.

It’s very necessary, every now and then to detoxify your body from all the damage that we do over the weekend.


Come’on. We’ve all been there.

You don’t have to be guilty, if you take care of it and balance it out. Just try to include the following steps in your daily routine :

  • It is very important to stay hydrated all throughout the day. Start your day with a large glass of water with one fresh lemon juice squeezed in it. If you keep forgetting to drink water like me, then download one of those water reminder app (It really helps)
  • Adjust Sprouts, Cabbage, Garlic, Spinach and Ginger in your diet palette.
  • For a fulfilling and refreshing breakfast, make yourself a quick smoothie. (Its real easy, grind some fruits like berries and banana with some nuts. Serve it with granola or oats. For people with sweet tooth, this is the quick fix.

  • Put a stop on all the aerated drink – soda, cold drinks, alcohol too.  I know this one is tough, but you can do it. If you feel the urge, help yourself with a glass of wine, that would help.

  • Increase your intake of Vitamin C with food like – Pepper, Spinach, Oranges, Kiwi, Strawberries, Broccoli, Tomato, and Papaya
  • Reduce your intake of Sugar. I would say try to cut it down. Look for a substitute like Honey, fresh fruit juice.


  • Drink lots of Green tea. At least 3 times a day.


  • Instead of snacking junk when hungry, go for fruits or nuts. Those calories would benefit your body.

  • Sweat it out. Sweating is one of the best ways of removing the harmful toxin from the body. A run in the morning and a casual stroll after dinner works.
  • You can create your own detoxifiers by adding some mint leaves in the water with slices of cucumber or sweet lime and a little honey and fill it with water. Keep sipping it.

You should know that it takes time for the body to clean the blood.

So, wait while these detoxifiers work their magic on your body.