About Soulful Safarnama



Describing oneself is the most difficult task for a traveler, especially for a traveler like me!

Ankita, 23!

Travels, Explores, Experiences and Loves! Loves through it all!

Though I hail from Delhi, parts of my heart are left in places as diverse as Udaipur and Bali. I am a fashion enthusiast, a passionate Photographer and somewhere on the lines of being a wild

Soulful Safarnama is my attempt to find a midway between the chaos of the world and the
eternal search for peace by documenting my brief explorations. And you would be surprised to
know that my travels led me to find peace even amidst chaos and freedom amidst the worldly

This Safarnama is about being in the moment and living it to the fullest!

My blog is not just about new places, it is also about new people and new perspectives. The
places remain the same for all of us from a distance, but when inside, the soul experiences all of
them differently.

Travel with me as I move to my next destination to leave something old and lift something new!