Mussoorie as often referred as The Queen of Hills, was nothing more than a weekend getaway for me to a hill station when I was approached by Sterling Mussoorie for Blogger’s Meet. And it was since long that I was planning for Mussoorie but couldn’t execute the trip, so I was more than thrilled to try the places that my friends kept talking about.


After my Turkey trip, I decided to go little easy of food and not to disrupt my #healthyliving plan but does it really happen on vacations?! My weekend getaway to Mussoorie got converted into a foodie week. I did feel guilty of taking so many calories but then I won’t lie, I enjoyed equally. And in the process I ended up exploring so many cool food joints that you CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS.

  1. Chick Chocolates – Located right in the The Mall Road, it’s famous for it handmade chocolates. For outsiders it’s a must to try. A small little bakery where you will get everything from Salads to Smoothies to Waffles. I got some home-made chocolates packed for my friends and tried the Hot Chocolate Fudge which one of my friend recommended and OH MY GOD! It was like heaven.

Hot chocolate Fudge


  1. Cafe By the Way – Also located in The Mall Road, this became my spot soon after I had the best Blueberry Waffles. I haven’t had such amazing Blueberry waffles before anywhere. It was just perfect. I also had Mixed Veggies Pizza, Green Tea, Ginger lemon honey tea, Latte, Veggie Burger and what not in my frequent visits later on. You can see the pictures below. It’s a nice cozy little cafe with some amazing music and ambiance. When in Mussoorie do give it a try.

Green Tea and Veggie Pizza


Blueberry Cheesecake


  1. Anil’s Cafe – Located in Chaar Dukaan (uphill a bit), this super basic place turned out to be the place with unexpectedly good food. Ginger Lemon Honey is my staple most of the times and I have had it at so many places which were okay but this one had the best. Also given the location, you are bound to love it. I had Vegetable Maggi, with stuffed Parantha, more ginger lemon honey tea and Nutella waffles and Oh my my, it was overloaded with Nutella, so much of it make you feel chocolate orgasm. This shouldn’t be missed.

Ginger Lemon Honey

Onion cheese Parantha

Vegetable Maggi

Nutella Waffle

  1. Sterling Mussoorie – My secret hogging monster was unraveled by Sterling Mussoorie only so I had to mention this. All the meals, be it your breakfast, lunch or dinner, it was prepared so amazingly with no scope of mistake. Sterling Mussoorie spoilt me for choices so much that I was always ready to go for second servings and the dessert. The best meal that I had was the Garhwali cuisine the chef prepared for us, that was finger licking and having it under the stars with a view of the whole city was just cherry on cake. (For more details on items, read the previous blog : A Sterling Experience)


  1. Landour Bakehouse – Located in Rokeby Manor, in the lane ahead of Chaar Dukan, we accidently went into it because it was raining heavily just to find this British era ambiance bakery. We didn’t have much here so can’t much about this but I will definitely recommend you this for the Walnut pie. Also had Coffe Streussel Cake which was just okay.

Coffee Streussel

Walnut pie


  1. Doma’s Inn – People who know me, knows that I am a sucker for Chinese food. Located on the way to Chaar Dukan, this place is next to Ruskin Bond’s home. The interior is so quirky with movie posters and dragons everywhere. We had Veggie noodles with Manchurian, Spinach and Corn Momos and Khaosuey. I was really hungry when I got there so I enjoyed every single dish.


Spinach and Corn Momos

Vegetable Manchurian

Coconut and Peanut Khaosuey


Ginger Lemon Honey

  1. Little Llama Cafe – Located on the outer lane of the Mall Road, you will love this for location, breezy interiors, ambiance and the view. We took the balcony table and I was glad we did that for having the view of clouds moving on mountains while eating. We had Ginger lemon Honey tea which was okay along with Falafel Platter, Mixed Sauce Pasta and Coffee Banana Walnut Cake for dessert. I would highly recommend this place for the food which was super amazing. DO NOT MISS FALAFEL PLATTER here.



8. Lovely Omelette – This one is for all egg and omelette lovers. This is completely unexpected, a small shop at the Mall road which is famous for the fluffiest omelette in the whole Mussoorie. Perfect spot to have the vie, strike a conversation and the omelette. This place looks small but super busy and is covered by a lot of media, so expect a queue.


9. Cafe Ivy, Landour – This one is my favorite for its amazing location. I regret not spending enough time here. We weren’t really hungry much to try a lot of things because the view was so pretty from the balcony that we just wanted to be lost in wilderness with a Ginger lemon honey in hand. But we ended up having a coffee and a Falafel platter again, and they were closing down (8pm is the closing time) so we didnt have much time to explore the menu. Here, I think the view made up for the food.

These were my best recommendations when in Mussoorie. Do not miss any. Write back to me if you want me to add any place that I missed out (but only if you have tried personally)

So take a foodie trip to Mussoorie and burn the calories them by walking in wilderness.