Mother’s Day every year is just like another day in my mother’s life since ages, until quite a few years gone when for the sake of social media, us spoilt generation has atleast started taking the pain to do something for the person who got us into this universe.

I ain’t gonna lie, I was also one of them. And since my travel goes year round so now I don’t wait for one specific day to make her feel special. Taking her out for dinner and movies is something that should be done to make feel feel little relaxed and easy.

Why am I writing a blog on it this year then?

Well, its because this year I planned her a surprise that pampered her and all thanks to Project Eve for making it happen.


We made our way to the store and the stylist and me helped my mom pick some smart and ethnic makeover wardrobe for her that was super comfortable.


Girls would be girls at the end of the day. You say shopping and everyone would be ready in a minute no matter how tiring their day had been. It was such a fun day for mom and for me as well watching my mom trying the outfits and posing for them and I’ve got to say this, the collection is marvelous. Project Eve itself has such drool worthy ethnic and western apparels to choose from, we were so confused throughout which one to go for.

See the video below and you will yourself understand our confusion.

But what made my day was the smile on her face. We ourselves feel so energized when someone pamper us, then why not give it back to our mothers. If you feel like taking your mom on a shopping spree, Project Eve is the place to go for.